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ROI Calculator

Document automation can save thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars for an organization with substantial manual data entry. Use this tool to determine if document automation is right for your organization. It's all online and can be completed with just a few clicks.

Data Health Check

How accurate is your supplier or customer data?


Our free Data Health Check service will:


  • Validate all addresses against USPS and other data sources (US addresses only)

  • Normalize addresses to USPS standard

  • Point out irregularities and missing data

  • Detect and point out tax ID irregularities (US only)

  • Provide line-by-line improvement suggestions

  • Provide an overall data health score


  1. Email your name, company name, and attach a CSV file to

  2. The CSV file should include headers with the following data columns:

    • ID - this is optional but very useful to make adjustments after the analysis

    • Name - the company name

    • Address - company street address; PO box addresses are not validated 

    • City

    • State

    • Zip

    • Tax ID - also optional but accurate tax ID data can improve automation accuracy 

  3. Our analysis team will respond with an email confirmation

  4. Expect your analysis results returned in XLSX format via email within 7 days


  • Themis AI LLC does not share data

  • Themis AI LLC stores data for analysis in the US and only during processing, typically 1-5 business days

  • All data is purged after processing is complete

  • NDAs are available on request

Questions or suggestions? Email the analysis team at

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